Eye Glasses

For your eye health and comfort, it is important that you select the right lenses for your new eyeglasses. Whether you work at a computer a lot, need help reading, play outdoor sports, or just can’t see road signs clearly, we have the right digital lenses to fit your needs. We can also pair Crizal anti-reflective, Transitions or high index with your lenses.

When wearing the right lenses paired with a stylish set of frames you will not only see and feel better, you will look better! We offer you a fabulous selection of stylish frames from the world’s leading frame designers such as COACH, BCBG, Flexon, Silhouette, and Tura just to name a few.


Contact lenses are now available to suit almost every vision need. Virtually every kind of contact lens is available in disposable or frequent-replacement format that makes lenses healthier to wear, affordable, and easier to care for. Our doctor also specializes in hard-to-fit contacts like RGP’s. We offer a no-obligation contact lens trial program for first-time wearers. We have recently started carrying Transition Contacts.

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